Career Astrology
Dimple my one of best friend called me to share her feelings with me. She was anxious about the future of her brother. Her brother Anil was working in IT Company in US since eight years but now he is thinking to change company as well as city also.
He is scared to take step forward; he is losing confidence and getting perplexed by negative thoughts. His mental state has become concerned matter for family.
I analyzed his horoscope; he was going through the major period of Rahu and sub period of Moon which is main cause of his negative thoughts. 
I advised Anil to place conch in Northwest direction and place lotus in bowl filled with water to pacify negative energies and to attract good opportunity.
After eight months Anil was influenced by sub period of Mars, which is benevolent planet in birth chart and at the time of analysis Mars transit was from tenth house (favorable sign to get good opportunity). He gave few interviews and received appointment letter from three companies. He joined one of the best companies in IT Industry.

In Modern times, when world has become global village, people frequently visit one place to other inside the country or places in the foreign countries.  Over the years, Tourism sector across the world has got focused attention amidst the rapid industrial progress.  In India after liberalization, hotel industry also has got boost and quality improvement due to FDI, interest of foreign investors and hoteliers.   Subsequently, Hospitality Sector of several billion dollars market capital size, including Hotel Industry, has created lucrative career opportunities and demand of trained quality personnel too has grown impressively in India and abroad for Hotel and Restaurant management, Hospital administration and catering, Forest Lodges Guest Houses, Catering services in airlines railways, Cruise Ship, Club etc.

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Software Industry is growing by leaps and bound. With the increased usage and availability of electronic gadget computer, laptop, mobile, the demand of software professionals have been increasing in IT sector. Liberalization in economic policy has given impetus to the software industry. Consequently, IT sector has emerged as a promising sector for career opportunities. Career in software industry is fascinating, filled with all creativity and lucrative in terms of pay and perks in the world. Attractive pay-scale, enticing opportunities and overall, the plethora of options have made software engineering a sort of unique profession!

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 - By B.K. Kumar
Career is a chosen pursuit for occupation or profession as one’s life work.  In common parlance Career is meant for job, service, business etc., which is done for earning money and running life with comfort. Smoothness and suitable opportunities in career has direct impact on our quality of life we lead.  So, for comfortable life leading, smooth and rewarding career progression is necessary.

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