Marriage Astrology

In Indian culture marriage is treated as institution. Due to this, in Hindu Astrology there are special techniques to evaluate the all about the marriage and relationship particularly in view of post-marriage lives of couple including longevity relationship. For this purpose, there is practice of horoscope matching through Koota System, in which physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of both partners are assessed which are understood essential for continuity of life long relationship. It is believed that compatibility check may indicate the condition of relationship between wife and husband.

Kootas quantifies the compatibility in relationship. There are eight Kootas (Ashta-Koota) named as Varna -1 point, Vashya – 2 point, Tara-3 point, Yoni-4 point, Graha Maitri – 5 point, Gana - 6 point, Rashi – 7 point, Nadi – 8 point. Each has been assigned gunas/ points in chronological order. The total gunas are 36. More than 18 are understood suitable for marriage.

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Roshan was standing with his friends in college campus, suddenly he saw a damsel entering in the college. His eyes were glued at her movements. To his surprise girl was studying in his own class. He kept on gazing and after few days they become good friends. This friendship was continued till final exams and one fine day they shared their feelings of love. Their love lasted till their final exams when planetary movements started playing a role.
Roshan was manglik and girl was non manglik, Spouse house lord was in love and affection house.
In girl’s chart the lord of love and affection house was in spouse house but lord of spouse house was in its expenses houses.
The above two things made them stay separated for two years, Roshan went to US for further studies and girl went to another city to do job. In 1999 when girl’s parents were fed up to find good match for her, girl’s younger sister told her mother, “Didi is in love. I know one common friend of both and can find out about Roshan.” 
As soon as spouse house lord came in sub period (antar dasha) and Jupiter’s transit was also in spouse house in boy’s chart and in girl’s chart Jupiter gave aspect to love and affection and spouse house within one month Roshan and this girl Rashmi got married. 
So I say this is love marriage arranged by planets.

Neera a beautiful, cheerful, loving girl is the only daughter of our neighbor. They married her to rich, successful business tycoon Rohit. Rohit and Neera were living happily in combined family. 

They were blessed with a lovely daughter Neha and their life become more cheerful. But life never remains same all the time. Something like this happened with Neera too.
A call came on Neera’s mobile and informed her that her husband Rohit met with an accident. She ran to hospital but no medicine could save Rohit’s life and he was declared dead. This news shattered Neera and she was disturbed physically, emotionally and mentally. She was taking breathe but there was no sign of life in her life. She was living only for her daughter. 
Neera’s in laws who were taking care of her as their own daughter, took decision to re marry her. 
They re-married her to Anuj whose wife passed way while giving birth to his son. Anuj was emotionally attached to his son and this is why he listened to all rights and wrongs of his son. 
Anuj’s son could not accept Neera as his mother and Neha as his sister. Every day he started complaining about Neera and Neha to Anuj. In the love and affection of son, Anuj decided to give divorce to Neera. 
Now Neera and Neha are at Rohit’s parents home and she is helping in looking after business. 
While checking at Neera’s horoscope, I saw in her birth chart, spouse house and its lord is afflicted by negative planets and also getting aspect by planet which indicates double marriage. Jupiter a natural significator of husband in girl’s chart is in negative yoga. Moon a natural benefic planet has also become malefic in her horoscope.
The good thing in her birth chart is Ascendant sign lord Venus is well placed so in difficult situations also she is getting help from family. Career (Karma) house lord Saturn is in aspect of Venus which is benefic. Taking interest in business in favorable decision because of this benefic yoga.

मंगल और शुक्र के अंतरसंबंध का विरोधाभास ।

मंगल कालपुरुष की कुंडली का लग्नेश है और शुक्र कलत्रेश। नाड़ी ज्योतिष में मंगल को देह का कारक और शुक्र पत्नी/ कलत्र का कारक माना गया है और ज्योतिष व्यवस्था में इन दो ग्रहों का संबंध विवाह या विवाह के इतर पुरुष और स्त्री के संबंध को दर्शाता है। शुभ स्थिति में मंगल-शुक्र का योग मंगलकारी और विवाह सुख के लिए शुभद है।

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