Lal Kitab

Ilm-e Samudrik ki buniyad par Jyotish ki Lalkitab

'Ilm-e Samudrik' is the last edition of Lal Kitab Astrology.  This Granth of 1173 pages was published in 1952. In this, there are 18 Sections.  Each section has been captioned under "FARMAAN" (Mandate). The brief of the Farmans is as under :

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As the slowest moving planet and the chief signification for longevity, Saturn is a barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet. Its effects and influences are felt with greater intensity and for longer periods than any other planet. Saturn is considered to be very favourable for people born in the signs owned by Venus, whereas Saturn is evil to those born in the signs owned by Mercury.

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Lal Kitab Astrology is a wonderful part of Indian Astrology. This system has been introduced to the world by revered Pandit Roop Chandra Joshi Ji in 5 volumes written in Urdu poetic style.  These books got popularized as Lal Kitab because its cover was kept red by Panditji.

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Rahu is shadowy planets.  Their movement is interrelated and as parts of one body they are at all times just opposite to each other but keeping in view of aspect (drishti), they can be regarded together. Both of them are considered together in the later houses.

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