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The result of SUN in the Houses given below:

First house: Righteous- minded , healthy, bilious, eye-disease, intelligence, good morals, political success, stately appearance, humanitarian instincts, lazy in work, fond of daring deeds, hot constitution, careless of reputation, string will, caprice, generosity, neglect of personal credit or respect, good work, not combative or impetuous and pioneering.

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MOON in Lagna in given below sign :

Aries - Round eyes, impulsive, fond of travel, irritable, fond of women, vegetable diet, quick to decide and act, haughty, inflexible, sores in the head, dexterous, fickle-minded, war-like, enterprising, good position, self-respect, valiant, ambitious, liable to hydrophobia if the Moon is afflicted, large thighs, popular, restless, idiosyncratic, versatile.

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Student of Astrology should know these significations of planets and signs for deciding the steam of education and field of career.  However these are very general significations.  In real life these attributes of planets and signs are got modified.

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SUN in Ascendant in Sign given below:

Aries - Active, intelligent, famous, traveler, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering, initiative.

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