Nadi Jyotish

                                                                                     - B.K. Kumar

 || ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ शुक्र-राहू युति फल ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ||


धन होगा, सामान होगा, शुक्र युत जो स्वर्णभान होगा । 

मान होगा, सम्मान भी होगा, जो उसका ईमान होगा।। 

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-By B.K. Kumar


Progression of Jupiter Over 10th House from its Natal Position and Completion of Age Span (Purnayu).

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As per understanding of Nadi Astrology, a person under the influence of combination of Sun, Mercury and Rahu, usually inclined towards doing business related to foreign or does service in such company or department which is connected with foreign or prefers to do business in foreign.  In this planetary yuti, initially there may not be income aspect satisfactory but gradually income increases desirably.  This yoga is good if it forms in brighter half of the horoscope.  Natives under the effect of these planets' combination may find opportunity in science, Technology or research department functioning under government.  Such person may chartered accountant in multinational or foreign companies.  It is also possible that person is connected with such department/firm which is resolves the isses of government.  Under these planetary association, though, progeny and coborn like sister may be badly affected.

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नाड़ी ज्योतिष की पुरातन विधा है। यह विधा ज्योतिष के उन आधारभूत सिद्धतों पर आधारित है, जिसका कमोवेश भारतीय ज्योतिष की सभी विधाओं में खास कर पारंपरिक ज्योतिष यथा पराशरीय ज्योतिष में अनुपालन किया जाता है । नाड़ी ज्योतिष उसी framework में काम करता हैं जिसमें पारंपरिक या अन्य ज्योतिष काम करता है।

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