Vedic Astrology

My predictions are based on Moon sign

Bhumi putra Mars is the governing planet of Aries sign. It represents prowess, courage, immense strength and physical stamina. This is a sign of adventure, exploring unexplored territories. Life cycle begins from Aries sign.


January till June, there will be stress at work place. Differences with seniors will increase anger and agitation. July till December is a good period to pay attention towards career. Increment, promotion and good opportunities are indicated. Business man needs to keep their eyes wide open while dealing with legal issues till June’2015.

If you are in partnership business, keep things crystal clear. July till December is favorable time to increase business by launching new products or by oversea business.  


This is favorable year to get achievements in competitive exams or admission in desired institute.

Money and finance

Close watch on finance is essential in 2015. Expenses on medical and education will bother you. Investment on property is indicated. You may also purchase vehicle or luxury stuff for family.

Love and relationship

Weak relationship may get distorted in period of January till June’2015. Love affairs may come in front of family. July till December’2015, planets will favor unmarried to tie knot. Married will be busy in family issues, they need to spend quality time with each other.


Generally you have sound health but this year might feel lethargy and some unexplained things are irritating. Nervous system and heart are sensitive.  


1. Sit facing East direction while working.

2. Shades of red and yellow are benefic this year.

3.  Place a copper Sun in East direction of home.