• Carrer Astrology : Attune yourself to best opportunity

    Dimple my one of best friend called me to share her feelings with me. She was anxious about the future of her brother. Her brother Anil was working in IT Company in US since eight years but now he is thinking to change company as well as city also.
    He is scared to take step forward; he is losing confidence and getting perplexed by negative thoughts. His mental state has become concerned matter for family.
    I analyzed his horoscope; he was going through the major period of Rahu and sub period of Moon which is main cause of his negative thoughts. 
    I advised Anil to place conch in Northwest direction and place lotus in bowl filled with water to pacify negative energies and to attract good opportunity.
    After eight months Anil was influenced by sub period of Mars, which is benevolent planet in birth chart and at the time of analysis Mars transit was from tenth house (favorable sign to get good opportunity). He gave few interviews and received appointment letter from three companies. He joined one of the best companies in IT Industry.
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  • New Year 2015 - Predictions for Aries sign

    My predictions are based on Moon sign

    Bhumi putra Mars is the governing planet of Aries sign. It represents prowess, courage, immense strength and physical stamina. This is a sign of adventure, exploring unexplored territories. Life cycle begins from Aries sign.


    January till June, there will be stress at work place. Differences with seniors will increase anger and agitation. July till December is a good period to pay attention towards career. Increment, promotion and good opportunities are indicated. Business man needs to keep their eyes wide open while dealing with legal issues till June’2015.

  • Saturn transit from Libra to Scorio sign for Sagittarius


    My Predictions are based on Moon sign.   

    Scorpio sign is governed by Commander in chief of planetary kingdom Mars. Saturn will enter in Scorpio sing on 2nd November’2014 and will stay here till 26th January’2017.