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  • Saturn transit from Libra to Scorpio sign for Pisces sign

    Saturn transit from Libra to Scorpio sign for Pisces sign   My Predictions are based on Moon sign.   

    Scorpio sign is governed by Commander in chief of planetary kingdom Mars. Saturn will enter in Scorpio sing on 2nd November’2014 and will stay here till 26th January’2017.

    A well placed Saturn in the birth chart can bestow excellent power, prestige, name and fame and a badly placed Saturn can devastate you. Its metal is iron, color is blue, and gem is blue sapphire.  Saturn a slow moving planet, known as “shani” in Vedic astrology. It takes two and half years to move from one sign to other. Saturn in a positive way indicates spiritual life, meditation, concentration, longevity, law and judgment. It is the guardian of the mysteries of true awareness, also gives detachment and independence.