Horoscope for Aries

Aries Horoscope : Personality and nature

Natives born in Aries sign, are extrovert, like to be his own master, and are enthusiastic, even exuberant and fearless. You are independent and self-reliant, brooking no rivals. Aries being a fiery sign, you are spontaneous, enterprising, pioneering, impetuous and impatient, sexy, turbulent, active, and vibrant.

Your main limitations are your pride and egotism, and a lack of maturity despite your great vitality. Your rashness sometimes prevents you from getting the rewards and gains, which are your due. You also lack tact and diplomacy, but can be generous and open-hearted. Being blunt and outspoken, you may ride roughshod over others, but don't really like to hurt people on purpose.

You are dominated by your emotions. You can push your way to the front, owing to the forcefulness and combativeness of your nature. You are courageous and loyal. You are great when starting a new venture. You consider yourself the undisputed leader of all you survey. You go all out to achieve your objectives. You also have the staying power to do so, and can keep going even when all around you are out for the count. You thrive on competition.

You are able administrator and easily assert your superiority, gaining respect in society. You also don't like to go in too much for the social get-togethers, despite your impressive traits. Very often, people exploit you, due to the innate helpfulness of the Arian. You do not get back the help and co-operation that you deserve from others, sometimes not even from your family.

When there is good planetary influence on your Sun sign, the positive qualities of being daring, bold and courageous, energetic, enterprising, spontaneous and active, clear thinking thrive and bring laurels. In case of adverse planetary influence on your Sun sign, the negative qualities of being selfish, impatient, proud and vain, brutal and violent, jealous and possessive, impetuous and coarseness comes to surface. However, with self-control and self-mastery, the power and dynamism that you possess, when harnessed, can take you to great heights.
Love and Relationships     
Being magnetic, dominating and rather vibrant, you may sweep the person you love temporarily off his/her feet but the gilt soon wears off the gingerbread. Your relationships with people are likely to be torrid and stormy, and are usually more on the physical plane. Romance doesn't have much meaning for you without sex, for you believe more in the meeting of bodies than of minds. The Arian man is manly and dashing, attractive to a certain kind of woman. An innate coarseness in you may turn away a more sensitive person. When in love the Arians enjoy surprising their partners, and generally make excellent husbands and wives. Most Arians are also generally romantic and poetic and their partner, whoever it may be, will find it a fantastic experience --- never a dull moment. Arians tend to fall in and out of love very quickly.

Your attitude to the opposite sex, and sex itself, is all of a piece with your total personality - direct and violent. You're not too great when it comes to refinement and finesse. However, you can also take the hard knocks, not just give them and you generally straight and open. You don't make much of a talker, being too wrapped up in yourself.

As a friend, you are warm and on the level, never doing things by halves. You expect total sincerity and devotion, and are willing to extend the same. In short, a fine friend.
Family life     
As a father, you like to impose your will over your children. You look forward to the day when they will join in your interests, finding it difficult to accept that they have their own. You may well have a shy, quiet type of child, unlike your own more sporty and outgoing nature, and must learn to respect his interests, to prevent harming the relationship.

As a mother, you are naturally ambitious for your children, not grudging an outlay of time and money so that the child wins glory. Your strong personality makes you a natural boy's mother, acting in much the same way even towards a daughter. You will fight tooth and nail for your children's rights. Although tolerant you must cultivate a more tactful approach.
Diseases : Head injuries, Neuralgia, inflammatory diseases, pains, Brain and cerebral hemorrhage, small-pox.

Education: Agriculture, Electronic, civil and Mechanical engg, Zoology, Botany, Petro-chemical engg, Home science, Industrial organization, Printing technology, Dental Surgery.
Army and police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel workers, firemen, industrialists, guards, wrestlers, coal and brick kiln workers, butchers, chemists, hair dressers, watch makers, dealer in sports goods, body builders, boxers, smiths, tailors, cooks, carpenters, metallurgists, real estate dealers.