Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer Horoscope : Personality and nature     
You are sensitive and sympathetic, moody, tenacious, ambitious and caring. You are a home-lover. While you are greatly attached to the family and home, there are other dimensions to your personality. You display a hunger for publicity and limelight.

You are inordinately sensitive, verging on downright touchiness. Your desire to be loved is predominant in you, yet you want personal freedom as well. You have great strength of purpose and hang on like a crab, your symbol, to a loved one, to an idea, a possession. You thus have the capacity to achieve the impossible. Your attitude, however, is truly like the crab, moving forward at some times and retrogressing at others.

There is a great urge to make and have money, of which you will have quite a bit. Your urge makes you perform well in large money-making corporations and organisations. However, the root cause lies in a tremendous sense of insecurity.

Sometimes you tend to be over-cautious, diffident, reluctant to take chances. Learn to be more outgoing. It will pay off. You are a person of strong likes and dislikes and loyalties.

Another drive in you is generated by a strong sex urge, possibly part of your clinging nature. You need closeness and fulfillment; otherwise you are likely to develop inhibitions and repressions, all part of the same insecurity. The fact remains that you are both sentimental and sensitive and yet fond of both money and food. You also have rather strong intuitions, on a different plane.

Your good qualities of tenaciousness, sensitivity, sympathetic and psychic, persuasiveness, loyalty and idealistic, imaginative etc. flourish when there is a good planetary influence on your sun sign. Your negative qualities of being moody, marked inferiority complex, vacillating, unforgiving, pessimistic, easily hurt etc. come to forefront in case there are adverse planetary influence on your Sun sign. However, with self-development by being more practical, decisive and positive you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
You are not always able to sustain a happy relationship, being a creature of moods, with a tendency to indecision. You tend to be erratic in your attitudes, even though you are very protective and also have a strong sentimental streak. You are a good provider, steady and reliable.

You also have an instinctive almost psychic understanding of your partner's feelings and moods, but you must definitely learn to be firm and decisive and also curb your tendency to nag and be over critical. Don't give too much importance to your parents in your married life, and don't make odious comparisons that can ruin a marriage. However, you can be called a good lover if not a bold one.

Cope with your sudden changes of mood rationality. You basically tend to settle down naturally and quickly after marriage. Home and domesticity mean much to you.

Family life     
As a friend, you are worth your weight in gold where loyalty and attachments to people are concerned. You are always ready to give, but you are naturally disappointed when this is not always reciprocated. You will never sever a relationship, but do not expect too much out of friendship.

As a father, you have the qualities of an excellent parent but are at your best when the children are very young. Keep up with them and your ideas as they grow. Do not be intolerant or reprimand them too sharply. You can be very imaginative, and can stimulate your children's imagination. Make a special effort to see life through your children's eyes.

As a mother, you are the supreme maternal ruler of hearth and home, and a picture of dedicated motherhood. You are warm and loving, gathering your chicks close to the nest, nevertheless you also have a tendency to indulge in much heart-searching and worry about your children. It is only after this that you can come into the serene essence of motherhood.
Diseases: Gas trouble, stomach disorders, indigestion, cough, Hi-cough, dropsy, hypochondria, hysteria, gallstones, jaundice.

Education : Political science, Marine engg, water works engg., Book binding, agriculture, Drafts man, Agricultural economics, Instrumental engg, Music, Marketing, education, Geology.

Commodities : Grass leaves, Barks, plantain fruits, milk and milky products, cabbage, mushroom.

Naval and marine officers, nurses, fishing, interior decorators, caterers, restaurants, petroleum & chemical industry, shipping department, historians, explorers etc.