Horoscope for Capricorn

Personality and nature     
You are hard-headed and practical, ambitious, suspicious, resentful, diplomatic, reserved, selfish, orthodox, determined and unscrupulous. You have great ambition, much organizing ability and tremendous energy and drive. Your planet, Saturn, endows you with all this but it is a hard taskmaster, so that makes you a bit heartless as well. There is a marked tendency towards self-absorption that can be a little difficult to live with. Saturn tests you in the various stages of life limiting and restricting you. However, this also makes you thrive on adversity and reap solid benefits, albeit slow ones.

You suffer from a lot of inhibitions, making you orthodox and conservative in you outlook. You never let yourself of completely, sometimes becoming extra cautious and suspicious in the bargain. However, this does make you miss out on a lot of the fun in life.

Yours is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, standing for effort, power, authority, and hard work and therefore money making comes easily to you. You find no effort too great for this but you can be unscrupulous and cold in your pursuit of power and self. You have a slightly melancholic temperament and are not very gregarious, nor are you a very good mixer at social gatherings. Your attitude to both work and play can be rather impersonal.

Your positive qualities of being practical and efficient, steadfast, helpful, strength of character, logical, quiet and reserved, hard working flourish to the fullest extent when there are good planetary influences on your Sun sign in your horoscope. Your negative qualities of being suspicious and cold, selfish, inhibited, pessimistic, obstinate and resentful, hard-headed come into fore when there are adverse influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. However, with self-control and self-development by being trustful, optimistic, adjusting, warm-hearted coupled with your positive qualities you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
You are not the greatest of lovers. They are more the providers, craving security themselves and providing it for their mates. You are really not up to showering attention on people. You are conscientious but a little too dry for romance. The solid benefits are all very well - such as home, financial security, comfort, position, children, in fact all the good things of life - but there has to be a little of romance, a little bit of tender loving care also. Learn to give.

Your inbuilt inhibitions need some emotional release. Learn to live life fully. Give the persons in your life, attention, reassurance and love also. Just being conscientious isn't enough. Get involved with life.

Family life     
As a friend, you will be faithful and reliable once the initial hurdles are crossed. You are not too polished or very tactful and you may have an unfortunate tendency to snobbery that you ought to try to overcome.

As a father, you are ambitious not only for yourself but more for your children, putting many opportunities their way. You can sometimes be very strict and too demanding. You must learn to be more understanding and appreciative and to have fun with your children and above all, give them warmth and encouragement.

As a mother, you must give your children more affection and show it. Being undemonstrative yourself, you must nevertheless try to understand fulfill your children's emotional needs. You will go out of your way to ensure that they get the best of everything, but expect them to work hard and make something of themselves, sometimes even more than they are capable of.
Diseases: Pain in annus, piles, skin diseases, knee problems, eczema, irregularities in the function of heart, Rheumatism chills, gout, neuralgia, melancholia, blood disorders.

Education: Computer science, economics, anesthesia, business administration, medical laboratory technology, chemical engineering.

Commodities: Trees, bushes, wet grains, sugarcane, gold, black lead.
Wood and timber, mining, forests, properties, geologists, minerals etc.