Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini Horoscope : Personality and nature     
You are mentally energetic and enquiring, restless, artistic, fickle and contrary, witty, versatile, joyous and full of exuberance. Gemini is an airy sign. Particularly, it is the sign of self-expression, a vocal sign making you reach out to people easily and spontaneously. Your remarkable versatility and intellectual curiosity stem from your tremendous mental vitality. There is an over-abundance of mental energy.

Your are ruled by Mercury – ruler of your Sun sign Gemini. Gemini is not too easy a sign to interpret, with its essential duality, so the real you have both - loyalty and capriciousness, sincere attention and flirtatious nature. A change of scene is always welcome, and you keep thinking of new projects. Your ideas are unusual and unique, not just original but classy and unsophisticated. Mercury, your planet, is the messenger of the Gods. This makes you swift, subtle and direct, quick on the uptake, but you lack staying power. You start the race well but are weak at the finish.

Travel and sports relax you, as do the mountains. Communication is the essence of life for you. You were never meant for solitude and loneliness. You may even enjoy the thrills of gambling. You spend freely but don't always play by the rules. You are often driven by the desire to make a fast buck and can sometimes be shrewd and cunning. Yet, at the same time you are, or can be, very witty and outgoing with a pleasing gregariousness. You must cultivate tenacity of purpose. You may suffer from hyper mania owing to the swings of mood. Eat well and sensibly.

Your good qualities of being witty and pleasant, versatile, brilliant, enthusiastic, diplomatic and tactful, cheerful and gay flourish specially when there are good planetary influences on your Sun sign. Your negative qualities of indecisiveness, untidy, self-centeredness, carelessness, indifferent and cruel, lacking staying power etc. increase under bad influence on your Sun sign. However, with your intelligence, versatility and diplomacy coupled with self-improvement by being more firm and careful, you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
Gemini is well known for the multiplicity of affairs, attachments and even marriages. You need a steady base and ought to realise that marriage implies a shouldering of responsibility, not playing the field. You are at your best in casual flirtations, spreading happiness but also breaking hearts. You are the classic example of the person with a roving eye and really don't care to be tied down. Lasting attachments will come only with a change of attitude.

Marriage also implies security, home, children, steadiness of income and lifestyle and not just fun and games. You may not approve, but will need to rethink regards your attitudes to attain marital happiness. Marriage may let you down, though you love and look after your family, interact well with your spouse and even in-laws. It's just that you can lose interest so you should look for a stable partner, or one who can live it up with you. Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, even Leo or Aries are fine.

Family life     
As a friend, Gemini reciprocates love and blossoms with a little appreciation. A good friend and an amusing one, for the most part; though sometimes you feel hard done by, and that others don't care as much. You are always young at heart and the life and soul of many a gathering.

As a father, your outlook on life could well be ahead of your children's. You will not have much trouble with the generation gap. You try to keep in touch with the times, especially regarding your children's future and development. However there is a tendency to be over-critical and overbearing. You may also seem interfering, so watch out for these tendencies. Don't be too proud to admit that you're growing old and to take a back seat.

As a mother, you are one of the few women who can cope with the demands of a job, small children and home, performing astonishing feats of jugglery and coming out on top. You need intellectual stimulation, not being content merely to be a mother, though you are an excellent one. Your main flaw may seem to be a possible lack of affection. However, you more than takes up with the stimulation, fun and plethora of activities.
Diseases : Dry cough, Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Eosonophillia, T.B, affection of hands, shoulders, Influenza.

Education : Telecommunications, Textile engg, Journalism, Statistics, Astrophysics, Atomic energy, printing, commerce, company secretaryship, Auditing, financial management, revenue collection.

Commodities : Creepers, Autumnal crops, lily root, cotton.

Journalism, teaching, healers, accountants, agents, representatives, P & T deptt., diplomats, steno and P.A.s, translators, book-keepers, doctors and solicitors.