Horoscope for Leo

Personality and nature     
You are arrogant and proud, domineering and self-confident, trusting, impulsive, generous to a fault. You are boastful, but very brave. Self-awareness and ego are also seen in you. Yours is the most powerful and dynamic sign of the Zodiac. The whole world should be at your feet, with the Sun as your ruling planet. One can justifiably expect great things, outstanding achievements, and wonderful feats from you.
You are a natural leader with a tremendous ability and willingness to delegate authority and responsibility, as you respond tremendously to the feelings of others.

You are inspired by sympathy and imaginativeness and have a great kindness in you. However, you suffer from pride, are susceptible to flattery and often have a tendency to play favourites. Your sign symbolises ambition and generosity, trust, love and a great predilection for company. All your actions are wholehearted and intense. You love the spotlight on you, and also sports and the arts.

With your endowments, you tend to be headstrong, with the innate majesty of your nature. You must learn to heed wise counsel and not let power corrupt you. You have tendency to bouts of deep depression. The panacea for all evils - hard work - is the answer for you, along with avoiding solitude and being sociable and active. Your other very human failing is a tendency to be boastful, proud and a little too domineering. Sometimes those at the receiving end are likely to be resentful.

You are passionate and masterly in your dealings with the opposite sex. Don't play with the emotions of those around you. You tend to be rash, so gambling and speculation are not always advisable for you. Despite yours being a lucky sign for wealth and success, don't push your luck too much or you can really come a cropper.

Your positive qualities of being generous, dignified, warm and loving, loyal and kindly, self-aware, artistic, dynamic, aristocratic and dynamism fructify to the fullest when there is benefic planetary aspect on your Sun sign. The negative qualities of being violent, boastful, arrogant and impulsive, impatient, proud and egotistical, over-confident comes into fore when there is adverse planetary aspect on your Sun signs in your horoscope. However, with your positive qualities coupled with self-development for hard work, control of ego, social and activeness you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
Since you love to do things in style, which is usually very attractive to the opposite sex, yours is the sign best suited for love and romance. Your romances are full of high drama and romance and you play your role to perfection. The average Leo has much glamour and is the ideal lover in all dimensions - emotional, physical and sexual. The opposite sex is bowled over by your ardent appeal and generosity.

The Leo man is full of machismo and is a good companion. You are loyal in marriage but tend to be possessive. The Leo woman ought to be careful to see that this tendency does not get exaggerated. You have great personal charm and a glamorously attractive personality. Don't expect too much from your spouse/mate. You will also hate to be involved in a divorce and the resultant loss of face.

Family life     
As a friend, you are truly the friend par excellence, loyal, kind and generous. Your warm-heartedness and sincerity will never make you let a friend down. You are a blend of idealism, pride and romanticism in your friendships.

As a father, you really come into your own. You enjoy parenthood, and are almost always in tune with your children and their activities. There is great warmth in your love form them and you love being with them, taking them out, attending cultural and sporting events. Avoid a tendency to be too dogmatic or too demanding or severe as a result of the depth of your feelings for them, expecting the impossible from them.

As a mother, you are a good, affectionate, caring and very involved, sometimes even too much so. You will arrange and organise activities and treats. You are an enthusiastic and very loving mother. Sometimes, however, you may expect your children to be the projections of your own hopes and dreams, unfulfilled or otherwise. This must be guarded against as it demands too much from your children.
Diseases: Palpitation, feeling giddy, fainting, spinal meningitis, Angina Pectorals, Anemia, Regurgitation of blood.

Education: History, Ayurvedic medicine, general medicine, chemistry, computer system engineering, obstetrics, Architecture, B.Ed, M.B.A, chest diseases, Radiology, Electrology, Hospital administration.

Commodities: Juice, Food Grains, Lion’s skin.

Politicians, ministers, connected with state, soldiers, ambassadors, chief executives, speculators, magicians, professions related to land.