Horoscope for Libra

Personality and nature     
You are diplomatic, charming, easygoing, balanced, indecisive, detached, fair-minded, alert, changeable and artful.
Yours is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, which stands for both marriage and war - a strange combination. Your aggression is more on the intellectual plane, or in areas, public welfare and statesmanship. Marriage covers on innate love of harmony.

You are intelligent, with great surface brilliance in your personality but this is not of the abstract kind. It needs interaction with people, person-to-person contacts, to manifest itself. At the same time the your love of balance and harmony creates great detachment in you. That is why, occasionally, you do not form strong and lasting attachments. In your friendships, too, after a certain point you tend to move away. You make a good friend, but not necessarily an ideal one.

Your greatest interaction is with people, as you can be very tactful, persuasive and diplomatic. You can also have the shrewdness and selfishness to bargain well. Sometimes it is difficult for you to say a firm 'no'. You must curb your tendency towards vacillation, learn to be more positive and firm otherwise you may well land yourself in some impossible situation. You may also lack the strength to stand alone, defying the world in problematic situations.

You find it difficult to find your niche in the world of employment. There are too may things that you do well, and that you want to do. Basically, however you prefer to work with people rather than alone. You also do not like to work too hard.

You love praise, appreciation, adulation and have fine relationships with the opposite sex. You bask in people's approval and give of your best in such situations. This makes you gullible, and occasionally susceptible to flattery.

Your positive qualities of being refined and graceful, just and balanced, diplomatic, charming, intelligent, alert flourish to the fullest extent when there is good influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. The negative qualities of being easygoing, sometimes lazy, indecisive, selfish and changeable, vacillating, detached, insincerity come into play when there is bad influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. However, with self-control and self-development by being active, decisive, sincere and hard work you can achieve greater heights.

Love and relationships     
You are one of the great lovers of the Zodiac. You are made for love, but sometimes fret at the shackles of matrimony and responsibility. You can never live alone and pine for the one you love. Your tremendous charm attracts people around you. This may sometimes create great quarrels and arguments, but you more than hold your own.

Your attitude to sex is warm and positive, even willing to innovate and experiment. If carried too far, it can make you unreliable and unstable and your sincerity and intentions can be considered doubtful. Your marriage partner may feel threatened and jealous.

Family life     
As a friend, you are often quite detached, though not cold. You are excellent company, can be a good friend but don't like to get too involved. Your advice is well meaning, balanced and always useful even when you don't give your heart. You have finesse and grace, smoothening all human relationships beautifully.

As a father, you are generous, kind and easily won over. You are soft in your dealings with your children, who may try to take advantage of your weakness. You must not let your children walk all over you - this may weaken their character. However, you do have your own type of fighting spirit and persistence, especially for your own and your children's rights and a sense of fair play.

As a mother, the Libran puts a premium on politeness in her children. She will go to any lengths of efforts and self-denial to give them the best of everything but demands high standards of conduct from them, even occasionally using threats to enforce discipline. Almost always, her bark is worse than her bite. She maintains harmony in her home.
Diseases: Suppression of the urine, Polyuria, inflammation of the uterous, Brights disease, lumbago, Rheumatic pains, Eczema, skin disease, kidney, appendicitis, hernia.

Education: Agriculture, Ayurvedic medicine, chemistry, master of Arts, library and information science, Master of Surgery, dermatology, Radiology and electrology, Homeopathic medicine, Textile Engineering.

Commodities: Black grain, Mustard seed, wheat.

Judges, artists, beauticians, models, photographers, perfumery, fashion designer, air hostesses, receptionists, interior decorators, prostitutes, liaison officers etc.