Horoscope for Sagittarius

Personality and nature     
You are idealistic, honest, impatient, enthusiastic, frank and fearless, ambitious, philosophical, boisterous, argumentative and impulsive. You are in the sign of good fortune, promotion, and intuition. With Jupiter ruling you, you are tremendous achievers. There is phenomenal mental activity, good fortune, and much idealism. Since yours is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, your nature is definitely restless. You need to be both mentally and physically on the move. You cannot be confined or hemmed in - if so, you are bound to rebel. You are definitely not a home bird, though you appreciate the comforts of a home.

You have a great love of nature, outdoor life and animals, particularly dogs and horses. Like your sign of the archer, your actions are straight and direct and true, as also your talk. You are friendly, kind, jovial, optimistic, and versatile but tend to be cocksure and overconfident. Sometimes you are rather tactless and inconsiderate and prone to exaggeration.

You never forget a kindness and repay it graciously and completely, when the occasion arises, but you want and prize your independence above all else. You cannot be expected to be meek and submissive as this goes against your very nature.

Travel is necessary for you, as your restlessness will never let you stop being on the move as you need a sense of freedom. The dialectic method of asking questions and analyzing the answer will influence you in all that you do, but sometimes it can make for lack of concentration and application. However, your directness is such that people always know where they stand with you.

Your positive qualities of being fearless and frank, sportsmanlike, independent, curious and intelligent, generous, aspiring and nature-loving comes into fullest form when there is  good planetary influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. Your negative qualities of being boastful and aggressive, overconfident, prone to exaggeration, tactless, lacking in concentration, inconsistent and crude comes into fore when there are adverse influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. However, with self-control and self-development by being less boastful, tactful, consistent and concentration, you can achieve greater heights.

Love and relationships     
On the one hand, you are a born flirt and on the other, a snob - a disastrous combination! As a lover, you are warm, open, charming, and glamorous. What you lack is staying power. New faces and fresh pastures always beckon you, so though you may be a good lover, you're not always a faithful one, and one whom it is almost impossible to tie down. This may create problems in your love life.

You are very sporty, but an excellent provider, but yours is fundamentally not a sign for domesticity, in the sense of needing a home and a hearth above everything else. A divorce or separation might hurt you but it wouldn't prevent you from another attempt at matrimony. You will care and provide for your mate, but will give him/her freedom and independence and expect the same in return.

You can sometimes be quite crude and hot tempered. While you respect your partner, you are nevertheless capable of some very wounding sarcasm, which he/she will have to learn to overlook in order to survive with you.

Family life     
As a friend, you are sincere, helpful, and generous in the extreme - a good friend to have around. As your likes and dislikes are intense, sometimes it leads you to blinding predilections or prejudices. Your intuition is strong and makes you offer your friends good advice and guidance. Even if friends exploit you, you harbour no ill will.

As a father, you will always enjoy your children's company though you can be a little intolerant when they are small. You will always expect too much of them and the children may find it difficult to live up to your aspirations. The father-child relationship only really blossoms when they reach adolescence as they identify more with the youth, he is able to understand the younger generation, taking the trouble to find out for them.

As a mother, you are most reluctant to take on the role at all. You need much more than marriage and motherhood to keep her happy. She gives her children a marvellous mental background and brings much genuine enthusiasm into her role, once she accepts it. If you are tied to domesticity and child-rearing alone, you may resent it.
Diseases: Related to thighs, hips, locomotor alexia, fracture of collar bones, varicose veins, bronchitis.

Education: History, Economics, Telecommunication, computer science, electrical and electronics, chartered accountants, dental surgery, pharmacy.

Commodities: Horses, cloth, weapons, seeds, roots, salt, gingili.

Sports, judges, lawyers, preachers, bankers, financial experts, magistrates, capitalists, wollen traders, shoe and footwear manufacturers, patriots etc.