Horoscope for Scorpio

Personality and nature     
You are shrewd, determined, passionate, energetic, independent, sarcastic, vindictive, and intense, with much stamina, both base and noble. Yours is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, which has a lot to do with spiritualism, violence, regeneration and finance. It is a high-powered sign, giving you much intensity. The three keys to your temperament are sex, sin and salvation! You are adventurous, a born leader who will almost always hew out a definite path and niche for yourself. Endowed with tremendous stamina and total fearlessness, you are also a ruthless adversary and adept at crushing opposition.

With friends you are loyal, giving and expecting total dedication. You are suspicious and investigative and almost impossible to deceive. You cannot tolerate any injury to pride, whether real or imagined, and can even resort to sulking if such a situation arises. You also have tremendous mind power and intuition, and are a masterly tactician but must guard against tendency to be secretive and devious. Learn to come out clean.
Spiritualism and the occult have an inherent appeal for you, yet on the other hand, despite your amazing persistence and will power there can be some very definite self-destructive influences in your life. However, a capacity for dedication is also one of your special assets, and they will help you to achieve much success, especially in the later years of your life.

You will not receive much help or co-operation from anyone; even your children give you moderate happiness owing to differences in outlook. You make a lot of enemies but they do not harm you, to any extent, only cause tension and anxiety.
You are a combination of mysticism and realism. Death has a fascination for you, and fits of gloom and melancholia are a marked nature of your sun sign yet your sign is also that of the physician, the healer and this profession will suit you greatly.

Your positive qualities of being strong-willed, resourceful, full of self-confidence and magnetism, subtle and diplomatic, courageous, shrewd and masterful, get a push when there is a good planetary influence on your Sun sign in your horoscope. Your negative qualities of being possessive, dominating, jealous and cunning, sarcastic, ruthless and proud, often violent comes into fore in case there is adverse effect on your Sun sign in your horoscope. However, with self control and self-development by being less possessive, less critical, adjusting and control of your temper coupled with your positive qualities you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
You may be an ideal lover, but not always an ideal wife/husband owing to your aggressiveness and ruthless ego. You are capable of much jealousy and possessiveness but are also a good provider and very protective. You enjoy the domestic comforts and make willing sacrifices for your home.

You are a great and romantic lover, very ardent in your attentions, sometimes more than your partner can cope with.

You are very demanding in your sex life, with much physical ardour. However, you are capable of platonic love. Your strong physique and glamour often make your physically very attractive, very sensual with your innate magnetism.

Your marriage is almost always a very enduring one, despite the fact that you are difficult to live with, and not above a fling or two that your partner will have to overlook, as it does not mean anything for keeps.

Family life     
As a friend, you are intensely loyal and ultra-sensitive where your pride and self-respect are concerned. Sometimes you can be too overbearing. Learn to overlook minor lapses on the part of friends. You are pure dynamite as a friend because you are also secretive and discriminating, so there can be a betrayal, despite your own sincerity.

As a father, you are keen, proud and ardent. You care not to be too strict as it may sometimes be counterproductive. A sensitive child may even develop a fear-complex. You are popular because you can be very indulgent, too, but tolerance is an important aspect of parenthood that you must cultivate.

As a mother, Scorpio has few equals. you can, however, be a little too demanding. You are full of maternal pride, but like the Scorpio father, can tend to be too strict. You give your children a lot of fun and are basically a very good mother, though you too must make a great effort to bridge the generation gap.
Diseases: Prostrate glands, nasal catarrh, ovaries, venereal diseases, infection troubles in urethra and generative organs, piles, fistula, rectum, irregularities of menses, renal stone.

Education: Civil engineering, agriculture engineering, Business administration, Law, medicine, surgery, Physical education, literature, corporate secretaryship.

Commodities: Wet grains, sugarcane, metals, woolen fabrics.

Drugs and chemicals, liquids, medicines, insurance, navy & marine, poisons, navigators, doctors, nurses, police and army, explorers, occultists, philosophers etc.