Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus Horoscope : Personality and nature     
You are kind-hearted, pragmatic, materialistic, practical, artistic, self-indulgent, careful, trustworthy, patient and stubborn. Taurus is an Earthy sign giving you a sense of material values and reliability. Venus ruler of your Sun sign Taurus, makes you fond of the good things of life, good food, comfort etc. Because of this essential dichotomy, (artistic tendencies and materialism) people rate you either as an artistic or money-minded person.

You work best where both money and people are involved - like banks, large corporations, etc. This is essentially the sign of the builder, which governs your innate urge to make things. You are sensual, not only in the extreme connotation of merely physical pleasure and gratification but also of all the good things that money can buy, even a good home, comforts and luxuries. You have a tremendous and direct sex-drive and are both gourmets and gourmands. You are extremely hospitable and love food varieties. You are normally cool headed and your temper is slow to rise but when risen it is deadly. Their outbursts are short-lived.

You are slow on the uptake, but once you form opinions then you are firm on them. This makes you enthusiastic and consistent in whatever they do. You are moody, restless when inactive, and like to keep busy always. You know how to deliver the goods and can make a good administrator. Your sense of colour and your practicality not only make you good homemakers but also good in interior design, professionally. You are really industrious, and care deeply for your family, friends and relatives. There is a mixture of mysticism and realism in you. You try to reach God through hard work. Your aim is clearly defined in your life but it is not easy to fathom what goes on in your mind or what your next step will be.

Your steadfastness is really impressive. Struggles but not disappointment, failure but not frustration! You are able to achieve your goal because you never lose hope nor are you easily demoralized. You are a conservative, and interact well and politely with colleagues and seniors. You make a good administrator. However, the desire to profit, to get on in life is also present, which you usually pursue with your usual dedication.

Your good qualities of being practical, trustworthy, artistic, generous, stable and loyal, humane and kind-heartedness flourish when there is good planetary influence on your Sun sign. In case of adverse influence on your Sun sign qualities of stubbornness, possessiveness, prejudice, coarse and earthy, lazy and self-indulgent, limited in outlook comes to the fore. However, with self-control and the practical power and steadfastness that you possess, when harnessed, can take you to great heights.
Love and relationships     
You put a premium on security, settling down after a swift, spasmodic fling. However, you like affairs and making conquests and a good sex life is important for you and you can be sentimental in love and romance. No one can question your loyalty and devotion. You hate uncertainty of any kind but especially in personal relationships.

You like that all relationships and attachments are lasting and exclusive with a high degree of permanence. Hence you hate divorce, going to any lengths to ensure a peaceful and stable marriage. You are also an anchor to their mates, generous and solid providers. At the same you are hearty, with a good sex-drive and robust sense of humour.

Family life     
As a friend, you can be patient, persistent and persuasive. A good friend, if not an outstandingly brilliant one, willing to give freely with regard to time, money and practical advice. You often go out of your way to maintain a relationship since your attachments are strong and you hate to lose a friend, and like to see him comfortable and happy.

As a father, you may find the generation gap rather wide between you and your children, but you will have to make the effort to bridge it and change with the times. You know your tendency to be set in your ways, and must take care not to be over-protective, especially when the children initially want to leave home. You will be reluctant to let go.

As a mother, you have the same tendency to be possessive and over-protective. You will do all you can make your children behave well and look good, scrimping and saving, if necessary, to give them good clothes, fun times, even music lessons. You are almost certain to have good-looking children, often passing on your own good looks to them. You must also accept that you are not very adaptable and learn to move with the times to avoid losing or alienating them.
Diseases : Goiter, Diphtheria, Disease of cervical vertebrate, Fistula, piles, venereal diseases, irregular menses.

Education : Cost Auditing, Music, Chemical engg, ENT, Veterinary, sociology, psychology, plastics, designing, interior decoration, hotel management, petro-chemical engg, nursing, skin, dentist, Auto-mobile engg, Cinematography, film making, sculpture.

Commodities : Flowers, Barley, wheat, clothes, mineral products.
Luxury goods, jewellery, cosmetics, music, actors, revenue officials, bankers, amusement industry, tailors, furs, cement, and property.