Horoscope for Virgo

Personality and nature     
You are highly critical, exact and methodical, discriminating, analytical, sincere, reasonable, psychic and expressive. You are very orderly and methodical, capable of planning and executing projects carefully, sometimes with an almost computer-like level of perfection. There is a meticulous attention to detail, but this leads to your often being so acutely critical as to be hurtful. Your characteristics are a fine sense of discrimination, and remarkable powers of analysis.

Your sign - that of the Virgin - gives you a love of purity. Cleanliness is a passion with you along with a sense of order, punctuality and love of tidiness. You are prudent and careful. Your planet, Mercury, indicates both expressiveness and intelligence. It is an Earth sign so it makes you practical and reliable, analytical and literally down-to-earth in more ways than one. You also love gardening.

Sometimes, you can be health freaks bordering almost on hypochondria in your concern for your health. You may sometimes have an anxiety complex. You are really one of the workers of the world, with an ant-like industriousness. Yours is also the sign of efficiency, quiet service and help to others. In fact, you actually enjoy work and are at a loss without it.

Your attitude to sex is somewhat reversed, with your ideals of purity. On the flip side, this may occasionally make you morbid, given to perversion, difficult to please. You are critical and analytical, dissecting even those around you and putting them under a microscope; often making you not easy to live with. You may also be miserly with regard to money, though you are a wise spender.

Your good qualities of being methodical, psychic, exact and reasonable, expressive, analytical and discriminating flourish specially when there are good planetary influences on your Sun sign. Your negative qualities of being too critical, narrow and rigid, prudish and fault finding, unsympathetic, quarrelsome and miserly increase under bad influence on your Sun sign. However, with your intelligence, versatility and diplomacy coupled with self-improvement by being more firm and careful, you can reach greater heights.

Love and relationships     
Yours is not the sign of one of the great lovers of the world. Your attitude to love and marriage is very traditional and conventional, preferring the comforts and security of domestic bliss to a grand passion that sweeps you off your feet. There is not too much glamour in your attitude though you have the sterling qualities of being steadfast and loyal. This staying power may well count far more in the long run. Yours will be enduring relationships, but uneventful.

You expect a matching steadiness in your spouse with values that match your own. A tidy home and money in the bank mean a lot to you. You have a tendency to anxiety that verges on the neurotic, though you make sacrifices willingly for your home and family. Often, sexual problems may create marital discord. Mere sex is not sufficient to cement your involvements. There must also be an intellectual bond. There might also be sexual deviants born under this sign, so care must be taken. Some times you may need to take psychiatric counselling, too.

Family life     
As a friend, Virgo is at his best, very reliable and steady, always helpful and full of practical suggestions. "Once a friend, always a friend", might well be you motto for life. Yours is the sign of service and living for the community. You hate to sever relationships.

As a father, you tend to be over-critical and little intolerant. You ration out praise and encouragement only in very small quantities. You may seem to be a little cold and distant to your children, and not very affectionate. However, having many leisure pursuits yourself, you are very encouraging to your children in their efforts in extra-curricular activities and keeping them active and busy. For the most part, though you find it easy to interact and communicate with your children.

As a mother, Virgo is absolutely meticulous about looking after her babies, keeping them spotlessly clean and well turned out. As her children grow older, she will find motherhood too much of a burden with the never-ending housework. You must have a more rational and easy-going attitude to domesticity and child rearing, and not become too critical and "difficult". Learn to give yourself that much needed break now and then.
Diseases: Typhoid, cholera, Appendicitis, Loose motions, Tapeworm, round worm, hook worms, peritonitis, colon.

Education: Doctor of literature, Neurology, Health education, Engineering, Dental Surgery, Tourism, Teacher Training, Electrical Engineering, , Diploma in Leprosy.

Commodities: Barley, Horse-gram, wheat, common flax, Kidney beans.
Professors, computers, astrologers, book-keepers, reporters, doctors, healers etc.